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Metaverses: a new trend and new business opportunities

Metaverse is one of the main trends in the digital world, which in the next few years will penetrate into many areas of business. Muslims who would like to use the possibilities of virtual universes should know how this is consistent with the laws and rules of faith, and we have already talked about this in one of the articles.

The Islamic financial sector positively assesses the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and metaverses

The government of Dubai is preparing to bring its government into the metaverse. ISLM (IslamicCoin) HAQQ can act as means of payments.

What prospects do metaverses offer for business and why should entrepreneurs and companies be interested in them now? We will tell you about this in this article. Metaverses open up an innovative ways to engage users. Businesses can maximize the benefits of using metaverses and gain a huge competitive advantage. Promotion of your business in the metaverse can be carried out using many different tools, including virtual product presentations and exhibition halls using augmented reality technology.

Metaverse allows you to hold virtual conferences and exhibitions

Online broadcasts of exhibitions, conferences and meetings have long become a reality. For those who cannot attend the event in person, this is a great way to communicate with colleagues and find new partners without getting up from their favorite sofa. Unlike the usual broadcast in Zoom or Google Meet, conferences held in metaverses are not just another video displayed in a small window with comments below it, but a full–fledged replacement for physical presence.

Metaverses are great for organizing art exhibitions. The largest auction houses are already planning to use this opportunity. Sotheby’s has already tested this technology and is actively working on a project of its own metaverse, where auctions will be held and unique NFT objects will be sold.

Kawkab and HAQQ: Art for everyone

Meta–ads are a great way to showcase products and services

There are many companies that are already experimenting with augmented reality so that customers can virtually try on new clothes or glasses, see how new furniture can fit into their home space. In the metaverse, you can expect the same experience, but with improved presentation quality.

Metaverses present new approaches to marketing and advertising

Storytelling is one of the most effective methods of increasing brand awareness. People are more likely to remember your product or service, as virtual reality (VR) and other forms of metaverse technology can make your brand’s story more attractive and intriguing. The art of storytelling will eventually transform into the concept of a “storyline” in which people will no longer play the role of receptive listeners, but will become active participants or even characters in the story, making choices and influencing what is happening.

Metaverses improve communication and help to build working processes

The new reality of meeting virtually and working together at a distance is something that many are already used to. Despite the fact that they were imposed on us, they turned out to be just as successful as face-to-face work. It is quite possible that the metaverse will lead to a significant improvement in workflows and make virtual workrooms a reality.

Events in the metaverse corresponding to Shariah rules should be instructive, uplifting, inspiring, motivating and, most importantly, spiritual. The basic rule that every devout Muslim should remember is that everything that is often acceptable in the real world is usually acceptable in the metaverse, and vice versa. Therefore, when organizing an event in the metaverse, the event should not depict anything that is illegal under Shariah law.

With the development and penetration of metaverses, it is quite possible that virtual platforms will be created for the Muslim online community, providing opportunities for communication, development and even income generation.

Metaverses: a new trend and new business opportunities

Islamic Coin is the first project to provide the community with powerful financial technology that allows for seamless transactions, support innovation and charity. The project is 100% compliant with Sharia law and benefits the community. Developers focus on sustainable development and use technology and innovation to ensure financial sustainability.

“At the heart of Islamic finance is the prohibition on charging interest. Islamic finance has always been focused on not shifting most of the risks to one side of the financial relationship. In Islamic finance, balance and transparency of transactions should be observed, which can negatively affect our society,” says Mohammed Alhashmi, one of the founders of IslamicCoin.

IslamicCoin is aimed at 1.1 billion Muslims using the Internet. The project creates convenient tools designed for users who have never been owners of cryptocurrencies. Thus, the creators of IslamicCoin are expanding the capabilities of the Muslim online community by providing it with opportunities to use a new form of digital money and involving them in the modern digital world.

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