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The government of Dubai is preparing to bring its government into the metaverse. ISLM (Islamic Coin) HAQQ can act as a means of payments

Dubai, an emirate that is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as reported by local media, will move some government departments to the metaverse. Earlier, the government announced Dubai Metaverse project – a virtual space into which part of government structures will be transferred. We believe that the 1st Shariah-compliant digital money ISLM (IslamicCoin) will serve as a payment method in Dubai Metaverse!

Sharad Agarwal, director of Cybergear, a company engaged in the development of this project in Dubai, said: “We have started to receive many requests from government departments and ministries wishing to become part of Metaverse. It’s only a question of time when Dubai becomes the crypto and metaverse center of the world.”

He also noted that the “construction” of virtual offices and work on their integration with real structures will take time but the Dubai authorities have already developed a global plan not only for the development of the metaverse itself, but also for its economic efficiency.

It’s assumed that by 2030 the metaverse will contribute up to 1% to the country’s GDP and provide up to 42,000 new work places.

Islamic Coin to become a payment method for Dubai metaverse

Every metaverse, which is a virtual copy of the real Universe, includes the same items and entities, as the real world – streets, buildings, clothes, food, electronics, restaurants, cars, etc. In order to ise it all one need gas for those transactions, i.e. money! Metaverse will certainly use electronic crypto currencies for all the transactions. We truly believe, that the ever 1st Shariah compliant digital money ISLM (IslamicCoin) on halal HAQQ blockchain with fetwa, will be benefitial for making transactions in Dubai Metaverse! Stay tuned and lets HAQQ it! How to connect Meta Mask to operate with Haqq Network read in our instruction.

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