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Celebrate International NFT Day on September 20th

September 21, 2023 – Digital art and collectibles are transforming the face of ownership in the digital age, and there’s no better representation of this than Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In recognition of its growing significance, September 20th has been officially designated as International NFT Day.

The Future of Digital Ownership Beckons

In today’s digital age, everyone can be a photographer. The advancement in camera technology, especially in smartphones, has enabled individuals to capture high-quality photographs. This evolution presents an opportunity to showcase creativity in a whole new dimension.

We’re excited to announce a unique opportunity for photo enthusiasts on this occasion. We encourage participants to bring forth their most creative photographs captured in a halal manner. The top 5 NFT entries will be awarded.

Reward: An exclusive halal NFT and $ISLM Tokens.

Participation Guidelines:

  1. Set up a Futura Wallet to receive your rewards.
  2. Capture your masterpiece and tweet it on Twitter, ensuring you add a compelling description. Use the hashtags #halalnft, #hcc, $hcc, and NFT to increase visibility.
  3. What qualifies as Photography NFT? Think of artwork, photographs, graphics, and animations.

Harness the power of digital art and photography, and be a part of the NFT revolution!

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