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Kawkab and HAQQ: Art for everyone

Everyone who has at least once purchased art objects is familiar with this genuine feeling of euphoria from being introduced to something beautiful. This feeling cannot be faked because it opens the door in our hearts to a world of special emotions that can create real miracles. is a unique online marketplace that is your guide to the world of art. The marketplace and online shop for B2B and B2C allows you to buy, sell, study and evaluate works of art. It has been operating for several years and cooperates with more than 150 artists in the Persian Gulf region. Kawkab actively supports, inspires and expands opportunities for artists of any age, gender and nationality so that they can reach their full potential and show the world in all its diversity with the help of their talent.

Digital art for everyone partners

“We wanted to create a community of artists and give them the opportunity to be themselves and share their stories through their art. People should be able to feel the atmosphere and energy emanating from each work of art, and we help artists and the art lovers to establish a real connection at the deepest level,” says Vanessa Hartmann, founder and head of Kawkab.

Digital art for everyone

Kawkab’s extensive catalog has hundreds of objects available to buyers with any level of wealth. If you want to decorate your home with an exclusive painting by a famous artist, you find an art piece, exactly the way you like it. If you are a hotel manager, restaurant owner or clinic manager, you can amaze your customers with beautiful art pieces. Kawkab Art is the one-stop-shop for everything related to art. Explore the beautiful pieces now!

The Kawkab platform is of particular interest to fans of digital technologies and NFT. One of the areas of activity of Kawkab is to provide artists with a platform for selling digital paintings and enhance the art experience for customers. NFT or non-fungible tokens function as a digital certificate that confirms the authenticity of a work of art. These tokens allow the creator to remain the rightful owner of a digital work of art, granting all rights to its presentation, access or resale.

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The combination of Kawkab’s impressive experience in the art market and the power of Halal Crypto Community based on HAQQ blockchain can create a unique experience that we will be able to evaluate in the very near future.

Digital art for everyone

Using the HAQQ blockchain and IslamicCoin project, it is planned to implement a completely new functionality that expands the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds:

  • The exhibition of works of art in the form of NFT in hotel lobbies with the possibility of their direct purchase using the digital currency IslamicCoin;
  • Use of digital NFT paintings during exhibitions or presentations;
  • Creation of special gift cards linked to a blockchain wallet to provide special gifts to VIP clients;
  • Using blockchain to create virtual presentations and exhibitions.
  • Enhancing the experience of art by merging the original art pieces with the purchase of NFT paintings to create value.
Digital art for everyone

HAQQ blockchain can be used in the implementation of fintech projects based on the principles of Islamic finance. This blockchain network fully complies with the rules of Shariah, has its own digital currency and a Fatwa issued by well-known Shariah scholars. The Evergreen DAO Fund, funded by the issue of Haqq base tokens and managed by network participants, is designed to support innovative projects for the international Muslim community. High bandwidth makes Haqq an ideal tool for implementing digital campaigns. Stay tuned and follow the announcements!

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