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Join us and get 33 ISLM each week!

Hello, dear community members! As we inch closer to our launch, our focus remains on fostering an environment that welcomes both our loyal members and those just joining us. We’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed weekly events. We’re proud to present the “Weekly Wisdom” segment, accessible on both Islamic Coin Telegram and Discord. This initiative aims to amplify the voices within our community, encouraging members to share their insights and earn rewards for their valuable input. Join us and get 33 ISLM each week!

Here’s What’s Coming Up ⬇️

Every week, we’ll introduce a topic rooted in ethical finance and the ever-evolving realm of decentralized finance.

  • On Discord: Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in a designated channel.

Our Ambassador team, and soon a chosen group of ISLM MAXIs, will carefully review your contributions.

We value active engagement. As such, 33 contributors from both Discord and Telegram will be awarded 33 ISLM each week. We’ll share more details on the selection process in the coming days.

Here’s Our New Weekly Line-Up ⬇️

  • Tuesday: Discord Crypto Quiz & Haqq wallet giveaway
  • Wednesday: Telegram Weekly Wisdom
  • Thursday: Telegram Crypto Quiz & Haqq wallet giveaway
  • Friday: Discord Weekly Wisdom

We’re eager to set forth on this new chapter with all of you. Your insights and discussions will undoubtedly enrich our community. Thank you for being a pivotal part of our expanding tribe. Together, let’s discover, understand, and thrive!


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