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Latest news on ISLM launch

Why are we introducing Islamic Coin (ISLM)?

We are ushering in Islamic Coin (ISLM) with a transformative vision that is both avant-garde and deeply grounded in enduring principles. By aligning with the tenets of Islamic finance, Islamic Coin is at the forefront of establishing a global financial network that is as advanced technologically as it is ethically conscientious. Our platform aims to unify a splintered financial world, addressing the financial needs of an expansive global audience, which includes the over 1.8 billion members of the Muslim community.

What milestones have we hit?

Even before our public unveiling, we’ve marked achievements that set us apart from the typical digital asset platform. Our HAQQ wallet is up and running, registering an ever-increasing user count each day. Our unique blockchain technology, HAQQ, is already a foundation for significant developments, thanks to our comprehensive network of partnerships. Remarkably, we’ve exceeded over a million downloads and active users of the HAQQ wallet alone. Our social media presence is burgeoning, boasting a fan base exceeding a million. Groundbreaking collaborations have been established both within the Web3 space and the broader industry sectors. Notably, our recent success at the Istanbul Blockchain Week hackathon has heightened interest in the HAQQ platform. To discover more about our thriving ecosystem, click here.

What sets Islamic Coin apart?

Islamic Coin (ISLM) distinguishes itself by synergizing the groundbreaking possibilities of Web3 technologies with the timeless ethical framework and inclusiveness embodied by Shariah principles. Historically, these principles have been a catalyst for economic uplift, and now they offer the potential to enhance the emerging realms of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi).

What is HAQQ?

HAQQ is the foundational blockchain technology behind Islamic Coin (ISLM), acting as the compliant and robust core of our expansive ecosystem. HAQQ ensures that each transaction and development we undertake is in strict adherence to the Islamic financial principles that form our bedrock. If you’re intrigued about contributing to the HAQQ platform, you can begin here.

When is the Launch Date?

Initially, we aimed to unveil Islamic Coin on September 1st, but the next launch date will be announced imminently. While our community is actively using our ready-to-go platform, we are taking some extra time to refine a few remaining elements. This strategic pause, a tactic commonly employed by leading tech companies, ensures that we present a product that not just meets but far exceeds expectations. The delay serves our community’s best interests, as we align technical and regulatory facets to perfect the offering.

As we expand our footprint globally—from Bahasa-speaking regions to Turkey and more—we fully grasp the heightened anticipation for our launch. We are committed to thoroughness, covering everything from language compatibility and regional financial regulations to strict adherence to Islamic financial standards, thereby making our platform universally accessible and compliant. Consequently, we’ve chosen to postpone the exchange listing of our ISLM token.

Though this might appear as a short-term setback, remember we are not just a concept for the future; we are operational today. We’ll use this additional time to consult closely with our community, legal advisors, scholars, and governing bodies to guarantee a seamless and successful launch. We are in ongoing collaboration with Republic to secure clearance for a Reg D public sale by fine-tuning our processes and offering documents. Together, we aim to build a durable legacy for generations to come. Stay tuned for more updates and engaging conversations in the lead-up to our official launch.

What Does This Mean for You?

The deferral in listing the ISLM token is far more than just a pause; it’s a forward-thinking investment into the future of Islamic Coin. We are synchronizing legal, technological, and partnership aspects to refine the product and the mission that drives our collective passion. This extra time allows us to guarantee that, upon launch, we present a product that is not only groundbreaking but also stable, lawful, and set to make a lasting imprint.

We extend our deepest gratitude for your steadfast support and understanding. Together, we will cultivate an Islamic Coin ecosystem that we can all take pride in!

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