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The Importance of Diligent Voting: A Critical Look at Governance in the Haqq Blockchain

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, where decentralization is a core principle, governance through voting plays a critical role in sustaining the integrity and functionality of Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain. Every user within a community is responsible for actively participating in governance voting contributing to decisions regarding updates and significant changes within the Haqq Blockchain network.

Within the Haqq Blockchain, The Honeybadger is a community validator representing HAQQ.COMMUNITY. It holds the #1 position of tokens on the Haqq blockchain, and the community must take its role and associated responsibilities seriously, emphasizing participation in governance voting 🗳.

Voting in in the Haqq Blockchain

HAQQ.COMMUNITY is an independent validator on the Haqq blockchain, known for producing substantial content in nine languages, predominantly focusing on the Muslim audience. The community enjoys the trust of over 5,000 retail ISLM holders. A link to a particular proposal under scrutiny is here: Proposal 18.

The Controversial Proposal:

A recent governance proposal has raised concerns due to the circumstances surrounding its publication and subsequent voting process. It was published over a weekend, allowing inadequate time for a thorough review by qualified programmers. Moreover, it directly hit the mainnet without being first scrutinized on the testnet, leaving no room for the community to check for potential bugs. Most alarmingly, nearly all validators voted rapidly in favor of this change, possibly without conducting a detailed analysis of the extensive update affecting 46 files.

Concerns for Decentralization:

This proposal’s execution raises serious red flags about the commitment to true decentralization within the network. The speed at which the vote occurred and the lack of prior detailed scrutiny resemble potentially harmful precedents in blockchain history, such as the Ethereum Classic fork in Ethereum. The community needs to be vigilant and maintain the principles of decentralization to avoid unnecessary forks and ensure the blockchain’s robustness.

The Recent Vote to Decrease Voting Length:

Adding to the peculiarities, there was a recent vote at the end of August proposing the reduction of the voting length from seven to three days, which seems strangely timed given the current circumstances.

Pending Initiatives:

As it stands, crucial initiative features of the blockchain, such as the 10% fee for all smart contract deployers and the Evergreen fund, have not been released within a year.

The Honeybadger and the HAQQ.COMMUNITY urges community members to approach voting with diligence and caution, considering the pros and cons of proposals. The current situation calls for a detailed analytical approach to governance proposals, ensuring the preservation of decentralization and the integrity of the blockchain network. The community is preparing a comprehensive analytical article to delve deeper into the pros and cons of the controversial proposal, aiming to foster informed decision-making within the community. It is pivotal that we remain proactive, uphold the true essence of decentralization, and strive for the optimal functionality of the blockchain network.


While the circumstances surrounding the proposal may appear alarming, it is essential to note that there is yet nothing to fork. The community is reminded to be prudent and actively engage in governance voting, thereby contributing to the fortification and advancement of the Haqq blockchain network.

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