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Happy Mother’s Day!

From all of our hearts, we congratulate all the women whom the Almighty has blessed with the joy of motherhood on Mother’s Day. Mom is the guide of every newly born soul in earthly life, the closest person, the main comforter and inspirer. Just as much as a newborn needs physical care, he needs maternal warmth and affection, parental love. It is the parents – the father and mother – who form the moral foundation of the younger generation.

The moral, spiritual connection of a believer with his mother is blessed before the Almighty. We are all called to remember: there is no man without a mother, both in the physiological and in the spiritual and moral sense. Being a mother is both happiness and a huge responsibility to the Creator, a lot of everyday work and a source of inspiration.

May the Almighty give strength and wisdom to all mothers, grant harmony, understanding, security and care, help every family, every parent to raise their children in love and humanity!

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