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Congratulations to the people of Uzbekistan on the country’s Independence Day

On September 1st, Independence Day is celebrated by the residents of Uzbekistan. This holiday embodies the dignity and honor of every citizen and the entire state, effectively increasing economic, industrial, investment and trade potential. We are announcing an ISLM airdrop for our Uzbek community!

On this big state holiday, we congratulate all residents of Uzbekistan, wish prosperity and well-being to the whole country and the entire people of Uzbekistan! Let this holiday unite you and makes you truly big and friendly family, confidently going to a bright future! Uzbekistan is one of the countries where the combination of ancient Islamic traditions and the latest digital technologies are used in various economy and finance spheres. We are confident that the halal blockchain HAQQ and IslamicCoin will occupy a worthy place in the life of the people of Uzbekistan and will help in the implementation of digital projects that can benefit and prosper every citizen.

We are holding an ISLM airdrop & HAQQ blockchain coins for our Uzbek community in honor of the Uzbek Independence Day! Retweet this post, post like to it, leave a comment, tag 3 friends who may be interested in this post and share the address of your wallet within the HAQQ blockchain to get 3 HCC coins as a reward!

We sincerely wish Uzbekistan peace and prosperity, good health, happiness and well-being to every country’s resident!
May Allah The Great bless you and your country!

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  • Sani Alhaji Ahmed
    Posted 02.09.2023 at 08:58

    I am interested

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