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Let’s HAQQ.IT! Let’s tap it! BLUM invites, Notcoin alike clicker with free halal money

Salam Aleykum, Dear HAQQ.COMMUNITY Ummah! We bring some more haqq good earning product for you! Meet BLUM!

SPOILER: WE ARE TO LAUNCH our own halal haqq tap app within 2 months, which will bring many new users to the blockchain of HAQQ of ISLM (IslamicCoin), and, Inshallah, will bring price no new level! Here is short video with the coming UI, please subscribe our youtube, like, comment and write in comments which features would you love to see:

Also, to get an early exclusive access to our DAPP and get the best perks, please fill in this google form >>>

Remember Notcoin (NOT) the ever first tapper clicker in telegram which exploded, was listen even at such huge crypto exchange as Binance and brought many new active crypto users to TON BLOCKCHAIN of Telegram? Good mass adoption move for blockchain and crypto! Many active participants of our haqq community were actively playing NOT (Notcoin) game in telegram and grab some free coins, which were converted to real money shortly. Notcoin is traded at many exchanges, have a look at Coinmarketcap crypto listings and ratings website:

Price of NOT (Notcoin) slightly decreased after the listings, but then exploded and appreciated a lot, gaining hundred percents of easy money profits to its traders and holders. And crypto analytics claim, that NOT price will be even higher! Some people from our community grabbed some free hundreds and even thousands of USD!

When NOT Notcoin first appeared, some people were a bit skeptical, claiming it is useless and will not bring anything, no gains, no profits. The reality has shown, that this is not the case, and we all earned some Satoshis. This is the new reality of crypto and blockchain – distribution of crypto coins and tokens via so called ITO – Initial tap offering, likewise ICO (initial coin offering), IDO (initial dex offering), crypto aidrops and retro drops among others. The era of free helicopter money in crypto is on! Keep in mind: we are already working on our own halal style clicker / tapper Notcoin / Blum alike with huge perks for our early stage supporters, who will get early preferences amongst others later stage haqq community adopters! Let’s! See the link to the google form above and do please register there and bring friends!

By the way, is NOTcoin game HALAL or not? Would you like to know the true story about that and get opinion of one of the most influential Shariah scholars, who is also the admin of our HalalCryptoChat? Subsribe our Halal Crypto Chat instagram account >> and ask PM a question: Is NOT Halal or NOT?

And what about HAMSTER KOMBAT? The most halal tapper / clicker as for now, which gained over 150 000 000 subscribers? Is Hamster combat Halal or not? Not at all! Clicker / tapper Telegram DAPP named Hamster Kombat is haram! Recently Iran has forbidden the Hamster Kombat game on telegram as haram. Anyone caught seen promoting this game online or in real life will receive 1 year prison and 100 lashes. Also, there were several cases, when active young gamers got crazy and got to mental hospital. All activities must be useful, and common sense based. Some time ago, in one of our analytical articles, we warned about such an overhyped haram crypto game, like STEPN, where people also lost the feeling of common sense and damaged their health by overplaying move to earn games.  We also warned our Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters of getting into haram collectible NFT activities, such us bored apes.

What is BLUM and what perspectives it is opening for tappers / clickers? Definitely, huge! Inshallah, they will be even bigger, compared to NOT Notcoin. They are already bigger, than Notcoin. Also, very serious and reputable people, OG of crypto are behind the scene, we know them personally for many years. They are public and media persons in crypto with proven track record – Vladimir Smerkis and Gleb Kostarev. Gleb was one of the top C-level executives in Binance in whole MENA region, Vladimir Smerkis was also Binance OG, as well as taken part in many other crypto projects and is well known as key CIS influencer in crypto and blockchain for his awesome podcast Silicone Faraways. Those 2 big bosses are launching next era hybrid crypto exchange BLUM, to which they are bringing audience via their BLUM clicker game. Let’s hope BLUM will be blooming, and Inshallah our bcc crypto token of halal crypto community to be listed there as well!

BLUM has organized FOMO in a very professional level, such that there is a motivation to bring more united Ummahs to the project, which will be working altogether for the sake of future success. They made a scarce resource out of the invites, such that they are in deficit, and they distribute extra invites only to the active communities, otherwise the number of invites is limited to 10 invites per account only. Let’s show BLUM, that haqq community is really a good, active and united Ummah! Let’s tap it, let click it, let’s! Inshallah, something! We have connected to several active brothers from our haqq community and got some invites! Do join and do tap! Money for nothing, Blum for free! Here are some of the invite links from our dear friends from community – total 115 invites as of the state of this article creation!

1). 9 invites to blum –
2). 3 frens in BLUM-
3). 10 slots in blum –
4). 3 invites to blum –
5). 8 BLUM frens –
6). 8 invites blum –
7). 9 BLUM invites –
8). 10 frens blum –
9). 9 invites to BLUM –
10). 5 blum invites –
11). 3 invites to blum –
12). 4 blum frens –
13). 4 invites to BLUM –
14). 8 blum frens –
15). 9 invites to blum –
16). 6 invites blum –
17). 9 blum invites –

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