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Isra’ and Mi’raaj night is the time of miracles. Get ISLM and HCC coins

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! The night of Isra’ and Mi’raaj is one of the main dates of the year for all faithful Muslims. To celebrate the night of Isra’ and Mi’raaj, we are launching a new contest where you can get free tokens as prizes from our community.

On this night, from the 26th to the 27th of the month of Rajab, the journey of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) from Mecca to the holy city of Jerusalem, where his ascension to the throne of Allah took place, is celebrated. Thanks to the night of Miraj many Islamic traditions and the attitude of Muslims to righteous deeds were born. In 2023, this sacred night is celebrated from February 17th to February 18th. We congratulate the members of our community and all Muslims. We wish you to reflect on the greatest happiness – faith in Allah The Almighty and the knowledge that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) left us after the Miraj night.

Together with you we want to celebrate Miraj night and announce the launch of a new contest in which you can get great prizes from our community. What do you need to get rewards?

1. Be subscribed to our Telegram channel, HCC community chat and Teletype channel.

2. Download the Futura Super App for Andriod and configure it.

3. Give the Futura application 5 stars and write a positive review. Take a screenshot of this review and post it in the comments to the article in the telegram channel.

4. Leave a comment on this article, put 👍 and write the address of your wallet in the HAQQ blockchain. The address must be created in the Futura SuperApp.

5. Put 🔥 to the post with the announcement of the action in the Telegram channel. Mint your NFT in the Futura Super App with the IslamicCoin, Haqq and Halal crypto community logo, post a screenshot with its image made in the Futura app in your Instagram account with the following hashtags: #blockchain #crypto #haqq #islm #islamiccoin #futurasuperapp #futuraapp #greenfalcon and also tag Halalcryptochat and Genesis Block Instagram accounts!

If have no ISLM to mint tokens, please write to our chat!
6. To get the reward, please fill this Google form.

Make a post with an accompanying text and emojis and send a link to the publication to this chat.

Example of Instagram post

Get free tokens as a prize for Miraj night

You can download the logos of Islamic Coin, Haqq and Halal crypto community by the following link.

How to mint your NFT is described in this article.

Absolutely all participants will get the reward!

Thi action will end on March 7th. On this day we will sum up the results and make a distribution of coins. Please subscribe to the relevant resources and do not delete the Futura app until the end of the promotion!

Each participant will receive 20 ISLM coins and 20 HCC tokens

We will also reward you separately for the best NFT!

We will give the winner which will be chosen by voting in our community 100 ISLM tokens.

Get free tokens as a prize for Miraj night

IslamicCoin is a digital currency conforming to the rules of Islam and Shariah, functioning in its own blockchain Haqq, which means “Truth”. Already at the stage of closed sales, IslamicCoin aroused huge investor interest and was able to raise more than $ 200 million in just a few weeks. Unlike technically outdated Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have a lot of problems, IslamicCoin uses the full power of the most progressive blockchain technologies and is based on the most fair and reliable ideology and rules of conduct.

Successful investors choose ideology, technology and prospects based on something more than minor fluctuations in price charts. For almost 20 years of the existence of a new type of digital money, cryptocurrencies have not brought a drop of real value into this world, have not made people free, independent and happy. And this means that it’s time for a new type of finance based on responsible choices and new values!

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