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Congratulations on the UAE National Day!

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! Congratulations on the UAE National Day – the main holiday of the UAE – a beautiful country that is the pearl of the Arab world and the birthplace of great and wise sheikhs, experts in the field of digital finance and Islamic banking.

There are many people from the United Arab Emirates among the participants of the Islamic Coin project. They create not just a unique blockchain ecosystem, but also bring a new era in digital finance, which, without a doubt, will help the country become one of the leaders of the financial world.

We are confident that the prosperity and success of the United Arab Emirates are connected with high technologies and projects that we can implement right now. We wish you peace and tranquility, join the best congratulations sounding these days, and hope that together we will be able to realize what you only dream of!

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