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Islamic Coin watches: exclusive luxury and loyalty to traditions

Exclusive watches are not just a valuable accessory and a way to demonstrate the exceptional owner’s taste but also an indicator of status. Since the appearance of cryptocurrencies, watch workshops have been trying to give this status to the whales of the world of digital finance, offering them special versions of timekeepers.

In February 2022, the Swiss watch company HUBLOT introduced the BIG BANG UNICO LEDGER watch. In complete with these watches buyers received a limited edition of Ledger Nano X crypto wallet and a special box for storing a chronometer.

The Franck Muller watch manufactory has also decided to keep up with modern trends and presented a series of Franck Muller Titanium Gold Elemento – watches dedicated to the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Buyers were given the opportunity to engrave their own address on the dial in the Bitcoin blockchain and “seal” the key to it on the USB drive built into the watch. You can check the wallet balance using the QR-code located directly on the dial.

The developers of the Islamic Coin project recently demonstrated their vision of a luxury accessory and released a limited series of watches. And they really surpass the analogues we wrote about above.

In the production of this piece of watchmaking, only premium materials, platinum and precious stones were used. The unique design demonstrates the fine work of craftsmen who managed to embody traditional Islamic artistic techniques in the drawing of the dial. The Islamic Coin watch looks great on your hand, and thanks to the precise tourbillon, you will always know the exact time.

A limited edition of Islamic Coin watches has been released in the amount of 20 pieces. We will not talk about the price yet, but we will definitely inform you when they can be purchased.

If you want to have your own IslamicCoin watch, please fill this form.
We will contact you when they will be available.

Islamic Coin is a digital currency conforming to the norms of Islam and Shariah, functioning in its own blockchain Haqq, which means “Truth”. Already at the stage of closed sales, IslamicCoin aroused huge investor interest and was able to raise more than $ 200 million in just a few weeks. Unlike technically outdated Bitcoin and Ether, which have a lot of problems, IslamicCoin uses the full power of the most progressive blockchain technologies and is based on the most fair and reliable ideology and rules of conduct.

Successful investors choose ideologies, technologies and prospects based on something more than minor fluctuations in price charts. For almost 20 years of the existence of a new type of digital money, cryptocurrencies have not brought a drop of real value into this world, have not made people free, independent and happy. And this means that it’s time for a new type of finance based on responsible choices and new values!

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