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Import your Futura NFT in MetaMask

As you know, we develop a universal mobile app allowing to work with crypto – Futura Super app.

Futura Super App beta test is starting! Join to get great crypto rewards!

This amazing app has everything you need for comfortable use. Send, receive, buy tokens and coins, create wallets manage your assets and work with NFT with just a finger. This tutorial describes how to mint an NFT on the HAQQ blockchain using our Futura Super App.

How to mint NFT in Haqq blockchain using Futura Super App

In this article, we are describing how to add your Futura NFT on MetaMask.

Step1: Open MetaMask and go to the NFT section and click the “import NFT” button


  1. Only the owner of the NFT can import the corresponding NFT;
  2. You need to make sure that the wallet in Futura is imported from a MetaMask wallet or you can import a Futura wallet mnemonic to the MetaMask itself;
  3. Also, make sure you are in the Haqq blockchain in MetaMask if you are still not added Haqq Network on MetaMask please refer to this article;
  4. If all are set you are ready to for importing your NFT on MetaMask.

Create a MetaMask account by importing Futura Wallet Mnemonic you recovered from Futura app.

How to import nft to metamask

Make sure you are imported the Haqq network into MetaMask. If not please refer this article: to import the Haqq network into MetaMask

Then go to the NFT section of MetaMask and click the “import NFTs” button

How to import nft to metamask

Step 2: Select NFT you wanted to import on MetaMask from Futura

Please select which minted NFT is needed to import to MetaMask from the NFTs section on Futura.

How to import nft to metamask

Step 3: Copy the contract address from the details page of NFT

You can copy the Futura NFT contract address from the NFT details page of the Futura Super App.

How to import nft to metamask

Step 4: Paste the contract address into the address section of the import NFTs screen of MetaMask

How to import nft to metamask

Step 5: Copy the token Id of the NFT from Futura and past it into the import NFTs section of MetaMask

How to import nft to metamask

How to import nft to Metamask

Step 6: Click “Import” to import NFT and you can see your NFT on MetaMask

How to import nft to Metamask

How to import nft to Metamask

Bonus: Know more about NFTs by clicking the corresponding NFT

How to import nft to Metamask

Congratulations 🎉! You are imported your Futura NFT on MetaMask

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