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Islamic Coin’s Halal Status: A Word from Our Founder, Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi

Islamic Coin’s Halal Status: Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi, the founder of Islamic Coin, provides unequivocal insights into the inherent halal nature of Islamic Coin. He states, “Islamic Coin is not merely designed to conform to halal standards; it is fundamentally and intrinsically halal, embedded in its core structure. Additionally, our blockchain is carefully constructed to align flawlessly with Islamic financial norms from the outset.”

The Shariah Oracle is integrated into our system, which is pivotal in ensuring halal assurance. This real-time compliance mechanism scrupulously assesses the Shariah conformity of each transaction made via the HAQQ Wallet, ensuring all network activities strictly adhere to Islamic law.

Our revered Shariah board, consisting of eminent Islamic scholars and financial specialists, has granted a Fatwa, unequivocally confirming the halal nature of Islamic Coin. This Fatwa is a significant religious mandate, setting the benchmark for all transactions and initiatives within our domain.

Islamic Coin is holistically Shariah-compliant, from its foundational elements to its operational aspects, meticulously scrutinized to exceed the rigorous criteria set by Islamic law. It is essential to understand that Islamic Coin is fundamentally a digital asset, and its applications can range from halal to haram based on its utilization. Our esteemed Shariah board strengthens the extensive halal certification of Islamic Coin. Many are longstanding members of Shariah boards across 40 Islamic banks, bringing invaluable knowledge and proficiency, reinforcing our dedication to strict compliance.

Our mission goes beyond; we aim to equip Shariah scholars with advanced blockchain and AI tools to navigate the dynamic realm of digital finance adeptly. We acknowledge the importance of absolute transparency and clarity in faith and finance and are committed to maintaining the pinnacle of Islamic compliance across our platform.

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  • Modesto
    Posted 18.10.2023 at 22:31

    We are a group ᧐f volunteers аnd starting a new scheme in our community. Your website offered ᥙs with valuable information to work on. Yoս did an impressive job, and our whole community will be grateful to you.

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