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Is the World Going Crazy? Review of The Economist’s new cover

“May you live in interesting times” is one of the most famous quotes attributed to the great sage and philosopher of ancient China – Confucius. Over the past few years, we have been able to appreciate the tragedy of these wise words. The events taking place now in the world have affected all the inhabitants of the Earth to one degree or another, and there is hardly at least one person who can refute this. The new cover of The Economist magazine once again becomes the subject of discussion and search for secret meanings. But this time the artists of the respected magazine tried not to hide the meaning of their messages, but on the contrary – demonstrated them with maximum evidence. Let’s try to decipher them in our new article.

The cover of The Economist magazine. See what is hidden

Oil, gas and cryptocurrencies: review of The Economist magazine new cover

The color says a lot. And therefore the main thing you should pay attention to – is the color scheme selected for this cover. The combination of blue and yellow in psychology is a combination that causes emotional dependence and the desire to show sympathy. But does this mean that the viewer should show sympathy for the melting logo of Goldman Sachs? Probably not! Goldman Sachs has always been considered an exceptional company. In 1999, when placing shares on the New York Stock Exchange, the statement of this investment giant included the words: “We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.” Conspiracy theorists have been referring to this quote for a long time and saying that Goldman Sachs is secretly rulling the world.

Goldman Sachs has always played its own game, adhered to its own trading strategy, advising on transactions and investing to order. But after the scandal with bribes in 2009-14, the company’s position was greatly shaken. From 2014 to 2018, Goldman Sachs was mired in scandals and numerous lawsuits. It is not surprising that when the company’s logo was distorted, the authors of the magazine cover distorted its name as well. The word “Sachs” converted to “Sags” eloquently reflects the change in attitude not only to Goldman Sachs itself, but also to the American investment market as a whole.

We did not just write in the title of this article about the “world going crazy” that has engulfed the world and the era of changes.

Review of The Economist's new cover

If you combine the first letters of the titles of the main magazine’s materials you can get the word STPD. One can imagine a lot of transcripts for this abbreviation but it seems that in this “message” addressed to the entire world economy, the authors of the journal point to mental personality disorder (STPD) – a state when a person loses his touch with reality and can no longer maintain normal relations in society. Yes, this is just a theory, but it perfectly correlates with the general state of the world economy, when many countries (mainly the USA and EU countries) are practically unable to maintain normal financial and economic relations.

Has The Economist made another scary message to the world and what will happen next? It is obvious that the times when the world economy will have to look for a way out of the “crazyness” are already close. This means that we will all have to make choices and look for new ways to maintain financial stability. Think about it and make your best investment today.

Review of The Economist's new cover

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