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Islamic Coin: your best cryptocurrency investment

Cryptocurrencies… We are sure that you have heard about them more than once and perhaps, even googled Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin to make sure that these are not the names of rock bands from the 90s. And after learning that Satoshi Nakamoto or Vitalik Buterin are not the frontmen of popular bands, you found inspiring articles about how buying just a few digital coins made an ordinary Internet users millionaires and elevated them to the status of a successful investors.

Islamic Coin: your best cryptocurrency investment

We are sure that many people would like to be in their place. But is it possible to do this now, when the number of cryptocurrencies has already exceeded 20,000? Which tokens should I buy now to be on the list of happy and successful investors? And is it even possible?! This article caught your eye for a reason. After reading it to the end, you will learn that miracle is still possible in the cryptocurrency world, and “successful investment” is not the name of a fantasy novel.

Why Cryptocurrencies Are the Best Investment

Cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Today the market capitalization of the crypto industry is more than $2 trillion, which has an astronomical turnover. However, the global user base of even the most popular digital asset – Bitcoin – is still relatively small and according to market analysts it is only 25 million users. Now humanity is closer to starting the mass introduction of cryptocurrencies. This is due both to the unstable economic situation in the world and to the fact that the efficiency of using cryptocurrencies exceeds any traditional banking transactions.

Islamic Coin: your best cryptocurrency investment

On the importance of a long-term transformative impact on humanity, blockchain (the technology underlying cryptocurrencies) compared with the advent of the Internet, because it provides two important financial functions:

1. Allows two parties to interact with each other safely.

2. Eliminates unnecessary intermediaries from any transaction or process.

In 2021, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become an incentive to change and improve the activities of many large global corporations and even entire countries:

  • Samsung announced it will be adding a crypto wallet to all of its future phones.
  • Tesla began accepting Bitcoin.
  • El Salvador selected Bitcoin as its legal tender.
  • Reddit announced it will launch a crypto product for its 500 million users, etc.

Problems with crypto

The advantages of cryptocurrencies in financial transactions are obvious and undeniable. However, even the most advanced technology has its own problems.

Bitcoin, which emerged as a result of the global crisis, was supposed to be an alternative to a rotten economic system in which banks continued the uncontrolled process of issuing fiat (paper) money for decades. Most cryptocurrencies have turned into another oligopolistic entity controlled by a limited number of people. And instead of freeing people from financial slavery, they further emphasized the internal conflict of centralized management, exacerbating social and even environmental problems. Now, when the world is on the verge of another world war, natural resources are being depleted, and technologies are becoming hostages in the hands of oligarchic systems, it’s time to ask yourself another important question: is it possible to gain true freedom by losing everything that has not yet been taken away?

The main problem of most existing cryptocurrency ecosystems is the lack of an ideology that can rally users around itself. At the dawn of the cryptocurrency world, this issue was not so relevant, but now, without its solution, it is almost impossible to count on the long-term growth and sustainable development of the cryptocurrency and the ecosystem in which it operates.

Islamic Coin: your best cryptocurrency investment

IslamicCoin: synergy of technologies and traditions

Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with almost 2 billion followers – a quarter of the world’s population. Muslims make up the majority of the population in 47 countries. Islamic law and Sharia law are religious laws that guide and dictate many aspects of Muslim life around the world, including financial interactions.

One of the basic principles of Islamic financial law is the prohibition on the payment or collection of interest, which is currently not adhered to by most of the financial institutions that make up the modern financial system.

Islamic Coin: your best cryptocurrency investment

According to the Global Islamic Economy Report, the volume of the Islamic financial sector in 2020 amounted to $2.88 trillion and is expected to grow to $3.69 trillion by 2024. The Islamic financial system has hardly been affected by the recent financial crisis due to its prohibitions on speculative transactions and uncertainty, as well as due to the attention it pays to equity and risk sharing. Islamic finance is a rare example when a system with certain restrictions is more stable and powerful compared to a system where there are no such restrictions.

Islamic finance is a rare example when a system with certain restrictions is more stable and powerful

Is it possible to use blockchain and cryptocurrencies in order to transfer the basic principles of the functioning of Islamic finance to the digital environment? Islamic Coin project not only answers this question in the affirmative, but also creates an ecosystem in which cryptocurrency and blockchain become the basis for an ideal investment tool available to any Internet user.

What is Islamic Coin

What is Islamic Coin

IslamicCoin is a digital currency conforming to the laws of Islam and Shariah, functioning in its own blockchain Haqq, which means “Truth”.

The value of cryptocurrency is an important factor in its success and investment attractiveness, but IslamicCoin is not only a means of making a profit, but also an ethical ideology based on the principles of Islamic finance and confirmed by a Fatwa received from leading Islamic experts and theorists of Islam.

IslamicCoin is aimed at 1.1 billion Muslims using the Internet. The project creates convenient tools, for example, a special wallet designed for users who have never been owners of cryptocurrencies. This expands the possibilities of the online community, which gets the opportunity to use a new form of digital money.

Islamic Coin: your best cryptocurrency investment

Speaking about the project’ prospects, and first of all, the growth of the IslamicCoin coin as an investment tool, it is worth turning once again to the main idea laid down in the project: providing users with a reliable, safe and ethical tool for making financial transactions and working with new technologies.

Already at the stage of closed sales, IslamicCoin aroused huge investor interest and was able to raise more than $ 200 million in just a few weeks. Unlike technically outdated Bitcoin and Ether, which have a lot of problems, IslamicCoin uses the full power of the most progressive blockchain technologies and is based on the most fair and reliable ideology and rules of conduct.

Successful investment is your choice

The dream of most crypto investors is to have several Bitcoins in their wallet and hope that in a month, two or a year their price will increase two, three or more times. We don’t want to upset you, but it’s hardly possible. Even despite the high cost, not a single cryptocurrency, which has become a symbol of the new digital era, no longer has the potential that it once possessed. Over the past few years, the digital asset market has changed and now it is no longer enough to just buy for 10 and sell for 100.

Successful investors choose ideology, technologies and prospects based on something more than minor fluctuations in price charts. For almost 20 years of the existence of a new type of digital money, cryptocurrencies have not brought a drop of real value into this world, have not made people free, independent and happy.

And this means that it’s time for a new type of finance based on responsible choice and real values!

It’s time for IslamicCoin – your best cryptocurrency investment!

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