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HCC tokens airdrop for the Halal Crypto community members

On March 27th we launched the limited private sale of HCC token – the first digital currency based on the most fast and powerful HAQQ blockchain. Today we are happy to announce the first HCC tokens airdrop for our users.

Why HCC tokens is your best investment opportunity?

1. HCC is a settlement token of the 1st Universal Crypto Futura SuperApp mobile application on the HAQQ blockchain. The app is already available for community tests, detailed information about the application can be obtained from this article.

2. HCC is a settlement token of the 1st Halal NFT platform on the HAQQ blockchain.

3. HCC will be used as a gas source for payment of commissions on the 1st Halal crypto exchange on HAQQ blockchain.

HCC token is 100% secured by the IslamicCoin coin (ISLM), on the crypto exchange, the launch of which is expected after Ramadan.It is planned to support the ISLM/HCC trading pair with a minimum guaranteed purchase threshold of 1 HCC for 1 ISLM!

Thus, the HCC token is a more democratic analogue of ISLM which is not available on private sale for retail investors.

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve made the first HCC tokens airdrop for our users. In the video bellow you’ll find how this action was done.

More detailed information about the transactions made within this airdrop can be found in HAQQ blockchain by the following link –

Join the Halal Crypto Community – the largest online community of followers of the 1st halal cryptocurrency Islamic Coin (ISLM) which has a Fatwa. 100 regional telegram chats unite more than 300,000 Muslim cryptocurrency enthusiasts from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

How to buy HCC tokens using Metamask Wallet

How to buy HCC tokens using Futura Super App

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