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Futura Super App is available in Google Play

We are glad and happy to share a great news with all community! Futura Super App is now available in Google Play Store! FUTURA is a convenient mobile app for conducting transactions with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, a secure messenger using the latest blockchain technologies to ensure 100% confidentiality of transmitted data, a means of online payment for goods on marketplaces and payment for services related to public infrastructures, payment for any goods and services using a QR code in most of the world.

Futura Super App is the great tool for the Halal Crypto community. It works on halal HAQQ blockchain, and allows you to work both with ISLM and HCC (Halal Crypto Community token), create and publish your own NFTs.

You can download Futura Super App by the following link.

⚠️ The development is still in progress. New functionality will be added and we’ll continue to inform you about the latest changes and progress.

We’re also remind that you can join Futura Super App beta test and receive great reward in crypto!

The next hype train and new bull cycle in crypto will be guided by wallet tokens. Futura SuperApp has its own settlement token HCC (Halal Crypto Community) on HAQQ blockchain! HCC token is empowering the 350k+ HCC member’s power! Stay tuned and don’t miss your chance to purchase Futura SuperApp tokens at the 1st round of private sale, available exclusively for HCC members!

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