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HCC recruits crypto ambassadors!

HCC is a settlement token of the 1st Universal Crypto Futura SuperApp mobile application on the HAQQ blockchain. HCC is a settlement token of the 1st Halal NFT platform on the HAQQ blockchain. HCC will be used as a gas source for payment of commissions on the 1st Halal crypto exchange on HAQQ blockchain. We are excited to announce the launch of the Halal Crypto Ambassador Program, a new program meant to recognize, support, and empower the most passionate community members who want to help Native grow.

Who is an crypto ambassador?

Hi 👋, if you are looking for a way to gain some experience in the web3 ecosystem either as a Technical writer, Community Manager/Moderator, Blockchain Developer, or you’ re a Web3 Researcher/Enthusiasts wanting to get more involved in web3 space the easiest route is to become an Ambassador, so then the question is who is an Ambassador?

What is Expected of You

  • Create content to educate about Halal Crypto Network through videos, blog & editorial, social media, tutorials, and more!
  • Serve as regional representatives for Unique, focusing on community growth and moderation, meetup planning, evangelism, and translation.
  • Help with Halal Crypto Community business development by seeking out partnership and project opportunities.
  • Help shape the Ambassador Program by participating in internal ambassador calls.

Rewards and Benefits

As a Halal Crypto Ambassador, you will have access to exclusive Ranger channels, various benefits, and rewards. You can earn  $HCC OR $ISLM Token in  monthly, depending on the quality and quantity of your work.

When you are prepared, you can submit an application using the Halal Crypto Ambassador Program Form


  • Sk Ataur Rahaman
    Posted 26.07.2023 at 15:19

    I am very interesting this crypto currency

  • mohammad saleem salmani
    Posted 30.07.2023 at 23:51


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