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CRYPTO AIRDROP – EX Sports and HAQQ.COMMUNITY Launch ‘Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship’ with $1,000 in Prizes

This year is to be the year of CRYPTO AIRDROPS! Sharing is caring! The value of the community is to care about its dear members and bring real value! And we really do it in our HAQQ.COMMUNITY! We are to open regular crypto airdrop activities of good promising crypto projects for our dear community! Today amid the bull run in the industry, crypto airdrops are becoming the next big thing, where you can earn solid capital without even substantial investments!

Meet new and promising collaboration with the rising star in e-sports on the blockchain! We are running huge crypto airdrop of valuable NFTs and run Camel Racing Championship with 1000 USD prize pool!

EX Sports, a fan engagement platform leveraging web3 technology, collaborates with HAQQ.Community, a community driver blockchain project focused on ethical and responsible crypto project development, to introduce the ‘Al Hejin Camel Racing HAQQ.Community Tournament.’ This innovative event marries the traditional sport of camel racing with the latest blockchain technology, showcasing a groundbreaking fusion of cultural heritage and digital innovation.

This partnership brings to life Al Hejin, the world’s first Web3 mobile camel racing game, accessible via the EX Sports app, where players can race using NFT camels. EX Sports’ ecosystem supports multi-chain integration, ensuring the game and its NFTs run seamlessly on the HAQQ.Community. The event features a prize pool of $1,000 USDT, aiming to foster widespread participation. The championship, running from Friday, 23rd February 6pm GST to Friday, 1st March 2024 5:59pm GST, combines traditional sports with digital innovation in an exciting new format.

Al Hejin is celebrated as the world’s first mobile camel racing game, offering a unique play-and-earn gaming experience through the EX Sports app. Participants engage in camel races using Al Hejin Camel NFTs, merging entertainment with strategic gameplay and the opportunity for substantial rewards.

EX Sports is dedicating 10,000 Al Hejin Camel NFTs, valued at $40,000, to HAQQ.Community for distribution within their Web3 community. This initiative aims to oversee the cost-free distribution of these NFTs within their network, enhancing engagement across both the game and the championship. Participants seeking to secure their entry into the tournament and claim a free Al Hejin NFT via the EX Sports app must adhere to specific instructions provided by HAQQ.Community, including receiving a unique redemption code.

The ‘HAQQ.Community Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship’ presents an innovative blend of web3 gaming and NFT integration, shining a light on the dynamic community and the project’s commitment to addressing real-world problems since its inception. This event is not only entertaining but also highlights the promising future for NFTs and web3 gaming markets in 2024, demonstrating the increasing utility and appeal of digital collectibles within the HAQQ.Community ecosystem.

The main prize consists of $1,000 USDT from EX Sports, offering a compelling incentive for players’ skill and effort. This prize underscores the event’s competitive nature and the excitement available in the Web3 gaming community.

The championship is scheduled from Friday, 23rd February 6pm GST to Friday, 1st March 2024 5:59pm GST. To participate in the NFT giveaway and compete in the championship, entrants must follow the guidelines provided by their respective communities. Additionally, access to the game is exclusively through the EX Sports app, requiring an EX Sports account and an associated EX Sports wallet to ensure a smooth and integrated gaming experience. This centralized approach streamlines all aspects of participation and reward distribution within the EX Sports ecosystem.

Stay tuned and sign a date and time into your calendar! 23rd February 6pm GST to Friday we start! We will publish secret redemtion code, which will lead to you to APP to redeem your free gifts! Dont miss this first of the many to come crypto airdrops! Also, EX Sports is soon launching sale of its tokens, which can be the next big thing in crypto sports industry! Have a look at the stunning example of such a project as CHILLIZ, we truly believe that EX Sports will outperform them several times! This gonna be A#1 crypto investment of the 2024, and we will announce special good tems exclusive for our community, but first lets grab some easy free piece of the pie and get this crypto airdrop!

About HAQQ.Community

HAQQ.Community is pioneering a socially responsible blockchain project aimed at solving real-world problems through ethical, mindful, and useful technological applications. Launched with a focus on mitigating climate change, enhancing medical discovery, enabling charity functionalities, and supporting the unbanked and crowdfunding for ethical projects, HAQQ.Community strives for meaningful impact. The project emphasizes a democratic and decentralized approach to mining, leveraging both POW and POS algorithms to support useful computational efforts. With a commitment to security, privacy, and decentralized governance, HAQQ.Community is building a blockchain for the people, grounded in principles of fairness, transparency, and community engagement. Their roadmap includes the development of the Futura SuperApp, a non-custodial application with diverse functionalities, signaling HAQQ.Community dedication to providing real value and utility in the crypto industry. We regularly run stimulating activities for our community as well as providing opportunities to earn extra capital, including unique opportunities to join top notch crypto airdrops!

About EX Sports

Founded in 2019, EX Sports is transforming the niche sports industry by harnessing innovative technologies. Leveraging its 20+ years of experience in sports promotion, the company enhances fan engagement and athlete support through creating comprehensive journeys that seamlessly integrate physical and digital experiences. Its all-encompassing app serves as a central sports hub, featuring a Digital Collectibles Marketplace, unique in-house published Web3 games, and live streaming of exclusive events. Every component of the EX Sports ecosystem is interconnected, aiming to provide genuine utility, significant value, and enriching experiences for fans, athletes, and general users alike.

Note: The free NFT giveaways are reserved solely for new users of EX Sports.

EX Sports


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