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Depreciation of cryptocurrencies: myths and reality

From the moment of its appearance and mass adoption, cryptocurrencies have become the subject of special attention for both large investors engaged in buying and selling traditional assets and ordinary enthusiasts – Internet users who saw digital money as a way to earn money. Since then, the most popular question among the owners of cryptocurrencies has been the question “When to the moon?”. But by asking it, only a few are ready to understand what affects the value and price of the coin and whether it can depreciate. In this article we will try to answer it.

Enthusiasts interested in cryptocurrencies are divided into two groups: the first believe that sooner or later the cryptocurrency bubble will burst and everything that is now considered as a new form of money and values will turn to dust. Others, on the contrary, are sure that cryptocurrencies are the future and any coin has a chance to make 100 or more X. Both sides provide enough arguments in their disputes, but despite the polarity of opinions, they often agree on one thing – the success of any cryptocurrency depends on the idea embedded in the project and how developers can implement it.

Cryptocurrency depreciation: myths and reality

Islamic Coin is that rare case when the synergy of ideology and technology combined together the best way. Perhaps neither those who consider cryptocurrencies a bubble, nor those who give them a leading role in the economy of the future, would argue with this. It is the first project which provides the community with powerful financial technology that allows to make seamless transactions, support innovation and charity. Islamic coins is 100% compliant with the rules of Islam, Shariah, Islamic finance and focuses on sustainable development and the use of technology and innovation to ensure financial sustainability.

Bear market is not the most favorite time for investors trying not to make active investments in the face of falling assets value. But the Islamicfon project managed to raise more than $200 million during a private token sale. It was possible to take such an impressive financial height in just two weeks of sales, and they are still continuing. And therefore we can expect new records.

One of the main incentives for investors and buyers of IslamicCoin is the fact that it is perhaps the only cryptocurrency in the world that really benefits its community, which potentially has more than 2 billion people. Islamic Coins sends 10% of each coin issue to charity. Its decentralized nature, ethical philosophy and sustainable approach are clearly playing a role.

Cryptocurrency depreciation: myths and reality

The project’ team is a stellar composition, which includes Peter Rafferty, a former portfolio manager of $ 600 billion in the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Khamis Bukharun Al–Shamsi, a former head of the banking control group at the UAE Central Bank, Anish Mohammed, who previously advised Lloyds (LON: LLOY), HSBC and Ripple, and is also a founding member of the British Cryptocurrency Association. Hussein Al Muiza, a 45-year veteran of the Islamic financial and insurance markets, a founding member of Emaar Properties and one of the key figures in the Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Answering the question whether a cryptocurrency can depreciate, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors. We have already noted above that IslamicCoin is a unique example of a perfectly balanced blockchain ecosystem with its own coin serving for the benefit of people. With such potential, the project will bring profits to the owners of Islamischen for a very long time, even if most cryptocurrencies simply disappear.

Cryptocurrency depreciation does not occur because someone believes or not, wants or does not want to buy and use them. The fall in value is a process invariably associated with the inaction of developers, weak tokenomics and other negative factors.

Cryptocurrency depreciation: myths and reality

The uncertainty of the future of 90% of cryptocurrencies lies in the fact that they are in limbo and cannot develop within the framework of the eco-systems for which they were created. Islamic Coin is primarily a reliable, secure and ethical tool for making financial transactions and working with new technologies. And with this approach, he is unlikely to have to lose his position and disappoint investors.

Shariah Compliant Digital Money is a slogan under which you can conquer the blockchain peaks and increase the value of the coin in the most correct and reliable way – by the power of the community, faith and confidence in the correctness of the chosen path.

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