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ZeLoop: Not all heroes wear capes

Taking care of the environment is a task that concerns every inhabitant of the Earth. After centuries of reckless consumption of resources, it became obvious that the planet needs help, and everyone who cares about planet’s future can provide it.

What can I do? – you ask. After all, I cannot influence the policies of large corporations, I cannot prevent greenhouse gas emissions, and in general, I am a small person. But any big journey starts with a first step.

The mobile application of the ZeLoop project is exactly what already allows every person to prove, not by word, but by deed, that he cares about nature. And this help will be rewarded.

ZeLoop is a mobile application that uses blockchain and motivates users to collect plastic waste for their subsequent recycling. For each plastic bottle delivered to the recycling point, the user receives special tokens and increases his rating. Before disposing of bottles at one of the 5,000 crowdsourcing collection points, users photograph their bottles. Then these photos are verified and they receive blockchain tokens called Eco Reward, which can then be exchanged for goods and services of ZeLoop partners.

Green finance on HAQQ blockchain and Islamic Coin

User can also go for plogging sessions collecting litter while doing sport and earn Eco Rewards for every steps done during a validated session and they do good for their health and good for the whole planet.

«By creating ZeLoop, we wanted to combine the gaming experience, the possibility of collecting and earning money with concern for the environment. We wanted to combine all these components into one fascinating and useful process», says Eric Schaffner, founder and CEO of ZeLoop.

Green finance on HAQQ blockchain and Islamic Coin

ZeLoop app already has more than 14,000 registered users in 160 countries, and in the next few years developers want to increase this amount to a couple of millions of participants. ZeLoop is a powerful post consumption marketing tool for brand and companies that want to engage end users and employees as part of their CSR strategy.

«We have a good reputation in the business environment and good user reviews. Some of them collected up to 6,000 bottles a month», says Eric Schaffner.

ZeLoop pushes even further gamification with a worldfirst first web3 partnership with L3V3L gaming studio. They work together to propose innovative new ways of earning via ecological actions that benefit the environment. Gaming and ecology as a whole for the present and future of our planet. L3V3L’ Harmonia Goya’s is the first farming, simulation & ownable game. The game will check status of players in ZeLoop app give extra benefits in the game based on they impact in the real world measured by ZeLoop.

The application is built on a unique in-house blockchain reward engine that serves as a platform where other eco-friendly applications rewarding citizens can be connected in a suite of solutions for sustainability and environment protection. ZeLoop reward engine allows seamless adoption of blockchain and ERW utility cryptotoken by the masses.

It is proposed as a EaaS (Engine as a service) to businesses that need to incentivize individuals for doing good. API connection and Whitelabels are marketed for a development fee followed by a license fee.

ZeLoop’s team delivered the newBin app to International Recycling Group in Erie USA tht will build a hyper-scale sorting facility and involving consumers,

“We’re thrilled to be working with ZeLoop in a global network initiative to give local environmental activists control over the management of recyclable plastics. Through technology, we are enabling recycling for everyone, making it easier, more profitable, and more credible.” Mitch Hecht, newBin founder.

The goal of newBin is to stop the accumulation of plastic garbage in our parks and rivers. By scheduling recycling pickup or drop-off at their convenience, users of the newBin app can earn Eco Rewards (ZeLoop tokens), which can be redeemed for discounts at nearby retailers. By providing straightforward, no-sort recycling, newBin will encourage Americans to recycle more.

ZeLoop developer company is located in the UAE and works with leading waste management companies – like Bee’ah and Imdaad. International brands, such as Nestle and Reckitt Benckiser Middle East are also involved in the project. The project has representatives in France, India, Zambia, Honduras, Guatemala and Chile.

Green finance on HAQQ blockchain and Islamic Coin

In cooperation with Zeloop Halal Crypto Community is going to build a special platform and integrate token which will promote the ecosystem based on green finance, realize the sustainability goals based on power of HAQQ blockchain and Islamic Coin.

Green finance on HAQQ blockchain and Islamic Coin

HAQQ blockchain can be used in the implementation of fintech projects based on the principles of Islamic finance. This blockchain network fully complies with the rules of Shariah, has its own digital currency and a Fatwa issued by well-known Shariah scholars. The Evergreen DAO Fund, funded by the issue of Haqq base tokens and managed by network participants, is designed to support innovative projects for the international Muslim community. High bandwidth makes Haqq an ideal tool for implementing digital campaigns. Stay tuned and follow our announcements!

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