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Which assets Islamic Coin is backed with

Speaking about cryptocurrencies many experts call them nothing but the money of the future and the new “digital gold”. But comparing virtual and real money not everyone can imagine what they are actually provided with. In case of fiat currencies, we still can talk about some real security (although, since 1971, states are no longer limited to issuing them in accordance with the gold reserve), cryptocurrencies, by definition, must also be provided with some intangible values. What are they and what are they? Let’s look at the example of Islamic Coin.

The IslamicCoin digital currency is not regulated by any financial institution or bank, its exchange rate is not tied to the state economy and does not even have a physical embodiment, nevertheless, according to the results of preliminary sales, the project was able to collect about 200 million in dollar equivalent. What influenced such an impressive result? Firstly, adherence to and adherence to the norms of Islam and Sharia when developing a financial model and independence from political and economic processes. IslamicCoin is a fully decentralized asset, the value of which, when entering the exchanges, will be determined by the demand for fulfilling the conditions of usefulness for the Muslim community and market conditions.

Which assets Islamic Coin is backed with
Projected market cap

Many mistakenly believe that the value of a cryptocurrency is determined by calculating the resources spent on its extraction (the amount and cost of electricity), but this is not entirely true, and in the case of IslamicCoin it is not applicable at all. Islamic coins is a new form of digital money that cannot be obtained by mining. They function on the basis of the rules of Islam and Shariah applicable to financial relations between people. The potential audience of the project is more than 2 billion followers of Islam around the world.

IslamicCoin cannot be arbitrarily “printed” and therefore devalued. It is also impossible to cause arbitrary deflation by raising the Central Bank’s interest rate (the key rate), since there is no interest rate in the system. The price of an Islamic coin is determined solely by the market and, therefore, is always fair.

IslamicCoin can only be issued by those who contribute to the work of the network – validators and participants. Every time a new IslamicCoin coin is issued, 10% of the proceeds are deposited into a special Evergreen DAO account for further investment in Islamic Internet projects or transfer to Islamic charities.

The total issue of ISLM is limited to 100 billion coins. Every epoch that is 2 years, the ISLM emission level is reduced by 5%. The emission will stop 100 years after the creation of the first block of the first Era. During the first Era, 4.33% of coins will be minted, then 4.12%, and in the 9th Era – 2.87%. More than 50% of the total volume of coins will be issued by the end of the 9th era, and all 100 billion ISLM will be finally “minted” at the end of the 50th era.

The limited issue is one of the most significant factors that can be regarded as an intangible security of IslamicCoin. It is he who allows the community to count on the constantly maintained value and high value of the asset, which will be in demand for a long time and provide the Muslim community with a reliable financial instrument.

IslamicCoin is a real halal digital gold that complies with Shariah rules! That is why there is an inscription on the project’s website, which is agreed with representatives of the Sharia Council: Shariah Compliant Digital Money!

Which assets Islamic Coin is backed with

Authoritative Fatwa from reputable figures from the field of Islamic Finance, make the IslamicCoin (ISLM) project truly one of the largest projects in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the coming century!!! Yes, it is the century, because the project has such a concept as Century Tekenomics, the East is a delicate matter and people plan their business there for centuries!

So what is the provision and intrinsic value of the IslamicCoin (ISLM) project?

This is the quintessence of high-tech blockchain and Islamic ethics, which opens the market for 2 billion Muslims! And by 2030, the number of such users will exceed 3.5 billion!

The ISLM token (Islamic Coin) in the HAQQ blockchain is like gas for the ETH (Ethereum) network. Using such gas for transactions as payment for them is the main technical value of the token! Any transaction, money transfer, smart contract launch or dapp requires coins to work, which ecosystem users buy on the open market on the crypto exchange, thereby fueling interest in the coin and increasing demand for it and sending the price of the ISLM (IslamicCoin) cryptocurrency Tothemars! Look at the cryptocurrency ether! Over the years since the Genesis ICO at 30 cents, its price has grown to 5000 USD, which has become ATH! This is a phenomenal 1,600,000 percent growth! Where else have you seen such a valuable cryptocurrency asset? Don’t miss your chance to buy a cheap ISLM token for 50 cents as part of a private sale! This is your second best investment chance in life after Bitcoin! Join our Halal Crypto Community club. We are a group of early enthusiasts of the ISLM (IslamicCoin) cryptocurrency and the HAQQ blockchain and we can supply you with this promising coin from our reserves. In the fall, listings are expected on top crypto exchanges – Huobi, Lbank and

Which assets Islamic Coin is backed with

The technological base of the project is a bundle of “Tendermint, Cosmos and Evmos” technologies. Now, these are the most modern blockchain technologies that provide the highest transaction speed and the ability to create applications for the implementation of additional functionality. Technology is an intangible asset, but it will be in demand for a very long time and will ensure the operation of the project for the convenience of users.

Islamic Coin and the HAQQ blockchain are a decentralized system in demand and useful to society, with which you can make transactions in any corner of the world, and an asset attractive to investors.

What else IslamicCoin is backed with? Of course, a highly qualified team of specialists in the field of Islamic finance. Their competence allows us to solve a variety of issues to create a world-class ecosystem. Islamic Coin’s mission is to provide the Muslim community with a financial instrument for the new digital age, ensuring smooth transactions, supporting innovation and charity.

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