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Successful Participation of HAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin at the Istanbul Blockchain Summit 2023

Istanbul, August 22-23, 2023

HAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin is proud to announce its successful participation in the Istanbul Blockchain Summit 2023, held in Istanbul, Turkey. Our booth attracted significant attention from attendees and was one of the most visited at the event.

HAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin at the Blockchain Summit

High Interest in the Project from the Blockchain Summit participants

People queued up to learn more aboutHAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin and its capabilities. This confirms the growing interest in our project and its significance in the blockchain space.

HAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin at the Blockchain Summit

Valuable Connections and Partnerships

Numerous valuable connections and partnerships were established at the event, which will contribute to the further development and expansion of HAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin. Among our new partners are well-known companies like Bitmart, Solverse Digital, Gotbit, and others.

Active Involvement of the Co-founder

HAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin at the Blockchain Summit

IslamicCoin’s co-founder, Muhammad Al-Kaaf al Hashimi, took an active part in the event. He gave multiple interviews to various media outlets and interacted with attendees, emphasizing the importance and uniqueness of the project.


The Istanbul Blockchain Summit 2023 has been a significant milestone in the development of HAQQ.COMMUNITY & IslamicCoin. We are grateful to everyone who visited our booth and excited about the new opportunities that have opened up for us following this important event.

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