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Manifesto of the Islamic crypto world

Is it possible to get freedom in a world where the distribution and control of material and financial values still remains the prerogative of centralized authorities turning people into slaves, limiting the economic development of entire countries with enormous potential, which they are even unable to apply?!

Manifesto of the Islamic crypto world

Bitcoin, which emerged as a result of the global crisis, was supposed to be an alternative to the rotten economic system in which banks continued the uncontrolled process of issuing fiat money for decades. Years have passed, but no miracle happened. Bitcoin has moved far away from the ideals laid down in Satoshi Nakamoto’s WP. It transformed into another oligopolistic entity controlled by a limited number of people. And instead of freeing people from financial slavery, he even more emphasized the internal conflict of centralized management, aggravated social and even environmental problems. Now, when the world is on the verge of another world war, natural resources are being depleted and technology is becoming a hostage in the hands of oligarchic systems, it is time to ask yourself another important question: is it worthy to gain true freedom by losing everything that has not yet been taken away from us?

Cryptocurrencies have not brought a drop of real value into this world, have not made people free, independent and happy. So, is it worth clinging to them as a saving straw that cannot become a bridge to a better future? Or better to build your own bridge! Islamic finance, blockchain and crypto are the pillars of the bridge by which it is possible to cross into the world of social and financial freedom. It appeared as a challenge to humanity trying to find and preserve true values. It is time to make a choice and say to yourself: I can make this world a better place. And start building this world! Let’s reinvent and build the HAQQ values together.

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Manifesto of the Islamic crypto world

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