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Islamic Coins became a partner of FAMBRAS

The number of Islamic Coin project partners is increasing rapidly. The project of the first digital currency and blockchain conforming to the norms of Islam and Shariah is gaining recognition around the world. Collaboration with Fambras allows to issue halal certificates on HAQQ blockchain.

Another proof of this was the partnership agreement signed by Islamic Coin with Fambras – the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil, which is the largest certification body for halal products and services in Latin America and the first initiator of the introduction of a halal system in accordance with the main international standards.

Halal certification with Fambras and HAQQ blockchain

Cooperation with Fambras opens the door for the creation and implementation of projects for food certification, payment settlements, as well as tracking goods using QR codes based on the HAQQ blockchain! Blockchain eliminates the need to provide an independent evaluation of a product or its distribution network and can provide a high degree of guarantee of halal certificates issued and confirmed by a group of Muslim experts. Access to records (and, consequently, certificates) in the blockchain is open to all interested parties, regardless of which country they are located in.

Read about the prospects and future of certification of halal products and blockchain use in our article.

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