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Islamic Coin project was able to attract $ 200 million on the bear market

Bear market is the most when are investors trying not to make an active investments in the face of falling asset values. But the Islamic Coin project managed to raise more than $200 million during private token sale. It was possible to take such an impressive financial height in just two weeks of sales and they are still continuing. And therefore we can expect new records.

One of the main incentives for investors and buyers of tokens of the project is the fact that it is perhaps the only cryptocurrency in the world that really benefits its community, which potentially has more than 2 billion people. IslamicCoin sends 10% of each coin issue to charity.

The project’ team is a truly stellar composition, which includes Peter Rafferty, a former $600 billion portfolio manager at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Khamis Bukharun Al–Shamsi, a former head of the banking control group at the UAE Central Bank, Anish Mohammed, who previously advised Lloyds (LON: LLOY), HSBC and Ripple, and is also a founding member of the British Cryptocurrency Association. It is also worth noting Hussein Al Mizu, a 45-year veteran of the Islamic financial and insurance markets, a founding member of Emaar Properties and one of the key figures in the Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi.

The idea of the team based in Zug, Switzerland, is quite simple. They’re trying to create something that will make the world a better place in deeds, not in words, and supports its community directly, regardless of the market situation.

“When creating the project, we felt that we all lacked something. And we are talking about digital finance that would take care of us, and not just exist somewhere on the market,” says Mohammad Alkaff, co-founder of Islamic Coin.

Islamic Coin has received a Fatwa – a religious document confirming that it complies with the principles of Islamic finance, which is an incredibly sustainable and fairer way of managing money.

The Islamic Coin’s Fatwa was issued by the world’s leading experts in the field of Sharia finance. It was signed by Sheikh Dr. Nizam Mohammed Saleh Yaqoubi, a recognized specialist in the Islamic financial market, managing finances worth about $ 2 billion and advising more than 40 leading financial institutions, including Standard Chartered (OTC: SCBFF), BNP Paribas (OTC: BNPQY) and S&P Dow Jones.

The appearance of Islamic Coin is a real ray of hope in the digital currency market, which can not only become an example of impressive sales, but also help society in need of truly reliable and high–tech financial solutions.

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