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Islamic Coins and HCC: what does the uzbek trader think?

Islamic Coins is not just another crypto asset; it’s a platform with the potential to become a key tool for the global adoption of web3 technology. Web3 represents a unique path toward creating a global value exchange system on a planetary scale. Over the past half-century, none of the centralized currency settlement systems, such as SWIFT, have been able to carve out a significant niche. Today, the only technology facilitating cross-border financial flows amounting to tens of billions of dollars daily is blockchain.

However, cryptocurrencies are still far from global recognition. Likely, a large and ideologically active community could be the mechanism needed for the globalization of web3. Moreover, any financial regulator or oversight service would readily sue Tether, but they would be hesitant to engage in public conflict with the Islamic world.

Islamic Coins and HAQQ represent an opportunity to create an alternative global payment system that is accessible to everyone.

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