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Islamic Web 3.0, Defi projects and applications

Compilation of applications and projects that may be useful to you. For the convenience of our community, projects that have Shariah certificates and are targeted to Muslim users are marked with the icon ☪️

We are not responsible for the work of the projects listed below and cannot guarantee their uninterrupted operation. Information about projects is also based on data provided by developers, and therefore all responsibility for the operation of their functionality lies with their creators.

IslamicCoin is a digital currency conforming to the rules of Islam and Shariah, functioning in its own blockchain Haqq, which means “Truth”. At the stage of the private sales IslamicCoin aroused a huge investor interest and was able to raise more than $ 200 million in just a few weeks. Unlike technically outdated Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have a lot of problems, IslamicCoin uses the full power of the most progressive blockchain technologies and is based on the most fair and reliable ideology and rules of conduct.

Do you want to buy IslamicCoin at an early stage? Please, study this proposal!

1) MRHB DeFi (Merhaba DeFi) ☪️
MRHB is a platform standardized according to Shariah law and provides Muslim users with the opportunity to work with cryptocurrencies.

The main role in the RTB ecosystem is played by smart contracts that guarantee compliance with the rules of Islamic finance during transactions. Considering the principles of Islamic trade, these smart contracts are used to ensure transparency when trading or investing in cryptocurrencies.

Part of the MRHB is another web 3.0 project – 4EVERLAND which provides blockchain-based cloud computing services.

Official site –

2) HalalVerse ☪️
The project provider of comprehensive halal resources that unite and support companies and individuals working in the field of creating halal products and services.
The main areas of activity of the HalalVerse platform:

Consultations and consulting services
Providing recommendations on how to ensure compliance of business practices with the principles of Shariah.

Certification and audit services
Evaluation of the company’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Shariah law, as well as assistance in issuing Halal certificates for business and products.

Legal services
Providing legal support and representation in matters related to compliance with Shariah law.

Project management
Project management in accordance with Sharia law, including supervision of contractors.

Professional training
Conducting educational events and trainings explaining the basic principles of doing business in accordance with Sharia law and their application in the business environment.​

Official site-

3) Arah ☪️
The Arah application and service provides a set of halal products and services, including a messenger, a set of money transfer services, including using cryptocurrencies. The application uses its own coin Arah Coin – used to pay for various services.
The project operates in Indonesia and is certified by the Indonesian certification body Majelis Ulama Indonesia.

Link to the project –

4) DeFi Halal ☪️
Dapp is an application for issuing interest-free loans in accordance with Shariah law. Uses Polygon-based DeFi protocols.
Link to the project –

5) Halal Zulal ☪️
An application for finding food compliance with the halal principles.
Application Features:
– Scanning the barcode of the product using a mobile phone camera.
– Manual entry of the product code
– Sending photos of products to add them to the application database.
– Demonstration of the composition of the product and obtaining information about its components.

Link to the project –
Link to download the app in Google Play –

QuikHalal is a cloud–based halal audit application that helps to prepare, plan, execute and compile reports in order to obtain a new or extend the validity of an old halal certificate.

It allows you to collect photo evidence of halalness and generate professional halal audit reports with their subsequent sending by email or to other cloud services.
Link to the project –

7) Smart Halal ☪️
An application that allows you to check the status of food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, as well as logistics services certified in accordance with Halal requirements. The application is certified by the Malaysian Association of Halal Manufacturers for goods and services.
Link to the project –

8) AmanaFunds ☪️
A financial application with the ability to work with cryptocurrencies, certified by the Halal Association of North America. The developer is Amana Funds is a non-profit investment company located in the USA.
Link to the project –

9) Wahed Invest ☪️
A halal investment platform, the developers of which declare the project as a financial instrument for ethical investment. Allows you to make investments in halal projects and projects that comply with Sharia law. In addition, Wahed invest is the largest Islamic robo-consultant by the number of clients.

The developer company has been tested by the Ethical Supervision Commission and guarantees a refund in case of fraud of investors in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance.
Link to the project –

10) ShariaPortfolio ☪️
A platform and application offering professionally managed investment solutions for Muslims. Provides a full range of investment options, including personal wealth management services and institutional services for consultants who want to offer halal investment options to their clients.

Link to the project –
Link to the app in Google Play –

11) Musaffa ☪️
An investment project and an application for halal investments. It includes a halal trading platform where Muslim investors can learn how to invest, conduct research and make transactions on their own.

Link to the project –
Link to the app in Google Play –
Link to the app in Apple –

12) PayHalal ☪️
A service with a mobile application for making transfers in accordance with the rules of Islamic finance and Sharia. No Riba, no Garar, no worries. Registration is available for merchants. The app is not available in official stores.

Link to the project –
Link to the Android app –

13) Zoya: FindHalalStocks ☪️
Using the application, you can access reports on compliance with Shariah law for stocks listed on financial markets. A combination of manual research, machine algorithms and proprietary data sets from the largest financial service providers on exchanges is used.

Download link for iOS –

14) Kestrl ☪️
A platform and app to help Muslims plan budget, save and invest in accordance with islamic values. It has the ability to connect bank accounts and cards to view all transactions in one place. Certified by Amanah Advisors, which reviews and audits all contracts, products and investments listed on the Kestrl platform for Sharia compliance.

Link to the project –
Download link for iOS –
Android download link –

15) SalamWeb ☪️
SalamWeb (from the Arabic salām,ام, which means “the world”) is a Chromium–based browser developed by Salam Web Technologies DMCC, closed in 2021. The browser is aimed at a Muslim audience and is certified as an acceptable product for Muslims. web browser.

The SalamWeb browser blocks content that may offend the feelings of religious users. It filters pornography and gambling sites. The browser also reminds you of the time of prayer and indicates the Qibla – the direction in which Muslims should perform prayer.
Widgets with prayer guides such as Qibla Compass, Prayer Times and Daily Quotes are embedded in the SalamWeb browser. SalamSadaqah is used to search for upcoming or ongoing charity events in the Muslim community.

Prior to the completion of the development company, the browser was the main component of the Muslim-oriented digital ecosystem, which included SalamToday, an online magazine for the Muslim community.

Salamweb for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It supports multiple languages including English, Malaysian and Indonesian, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Bengali. Currently, browser support has been discontinued for reasons, and / is no longer available.

The Windows version of SalamWeb is available by the link –

16) Funoon ☪️
NFT is a marketplace positioned as open and accessible to the Muslim community. Part of the proceeds from the sale of NFT is sent to certain organizations, but which ones are unclear. Powered by Binance Smart Chain. The founders are Shah Sheikh and Mohammed Imran.
Link to the project –

17) The Digital Sisterhood ☪️
The project, created, according to the developers, to demonstrate the religious and artistic self-expression of Muslim women, the beauty of Islam and the idea of sisterhood. They plan to launch the first NFT collection and create an application for their card game.
Link to the project –

18) Sheesha Finance ☪️
Investment De-Fi platform, the developers are located in Dubai. In addition to investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies, Sheesha Finance is engaged in consulting for blockchain startups and strategic guidance.
Link to the project –

19) MetaKawn ☪️
Metaverse is a project aimed at creating a digital online space for young Muslims.
Link to the project –

20) SOUQ NFT ☪️ Halal marketplace. Developed with the support of Shariah Experts – engaged in the development and consulting in the field of halal projects.
Link to the project –

21) Ta3meed ☪️
The only fintech platform in Saudi Arabia created for the search and companies executing Purchase Orders in the country. Financing, as a rule, is carried out with the involvement of crowdfunding, from institutional and individual investors.

The platform is managed in compliance with Shariah law, which is monitored by the Shariah Council.

Link to the project –

22) Ethis ☪️
Fintech is a platform that uses the principles of Islamic finance to manage investments, P2P financing and crowdfunding. It has licenses from the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia, the Securities Commission of Malaysia and the Capital Markets Authority of Oman.
Link to the project –

23) EthisX ☪️
Part of the EthisX platform, specializing in crowdinvestment and startup search.
Link to the project –

24) Manzil ☪️ A Canadian startup that received the main award of the World Islamic Fintech Awards in 2020. An Islamic mortgage provider that helps finance the purchase of housing in accordance with religious obligations by the Muslims. By now, Manzil is the only lender in Canada with open fixed rates and payment terms up to 25 years.
Link to the project –

25) Sadaqah Global
A platform for making donations in major currencies and cryptocurrencies within the framework of Islamic social financing. Allows you to pay zakat and waqf online to trustworthy non-profit organizations.
Link to the project –

26) ALAMI Sharia ☪️
Indonesian fintech platform for P2P lending based on the principles of Islamic finance. He has a Sharia council and several licenses from Indonesian financial regulators.
Link to the project —

An Islamic ethical financial platform from Bangladesh working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Helps suppliers in emerging markets gain access to working capital.
Link to the project –

28) Path Solutions
A project from Kuwait working with more than 150 Islamic financial companies in 40 countries. Engaged in R&D research in the financial sector.
Link to the project –

29) Dana Syariah ☪️
An Indonesian platform that allows you to search for and finance real estate, and also provides collateral in the form of real estate assets using Murabaha purchase and sale agreements.
Link to the project –

30) Alif Tech ☪️
A subsidiary of Alif Holdings Limited, UK. It is located in Uzbekistan. The project’s activities are aimed at improving financial services based on the values of Islam. He has been awarded the World Islamic Fintech Awards 2020 in the nomination “The best platform for payments, money transfers and currency exchange compatible with Shariah”.
Link to the project –

31) Etiqa ☪️
One of the leading companies in the field of online insurance according to takaful rules, which are based on a mechanism for distributing profits and losses between participants and the operator, in accordance with Shariah law.
Link to the project –

32) Codebase Technologies
A startup working in the field of providing banking solutions with an open API for Islamic banks and fintech projects. Since its launch in 2021, it has launched several digital banks in the UAE, Malaysia, Bahrain, the UK and Africa.
Link to the project –

33) Eiger Trading Advisors Limited ☪️
Fintech is a project that offers financial technological solutions to support Islamic financial products, including using Murabaha transactions.
Link to the project –

34) Salaam Center
A startup engaged in the organization of professional training, research and consulting services by popularizing Islamic values and knowledge. It also provides Islamic training programs and seminars to companies.
Link to the project –

35) IBFNetGroup
IBF Net is an online community created to create and maintain halal ecosystems with the active participation of students, researchers and opinion leaders. Uses its own IBFX cryptotoken used to pay for transactions on the IBFNex platforms and inside the Netverse.
More about the project –

Link to the website –

36) SEDCO Capital
A company and a project engaged in asset management in accordance with Sharia law. The company is headquartered in Jeddah with offices in Riyadh, Luxembourg, London and Dubai.
Link to the project –

37) Amanie Advisors
A leading Sharia consulting company specializing in solutions in the field of Islamic finance, including Shariah consulting, training and research and development for institutional and corporate clients specializing in Islamic financial services.
Link to the project –

38) The largest online resource providing access to the oromic library of Islamic knowledge covering numerous aspects of Islam. A lot of articles, e-books, audio recordings of the Koran, fatwas, etc.
The link is not a project –

39) Halal Trip
A project to find destinations and places to travel for Muslims. Provides a large database of places, cities and destinations where Muslims can learn more about their culture and traditions. Has a mobile application.
Link to the project –
Application for Andriod –

40) MUZZ
The largest social network for dating Muslims and finding couples. According to the developers, with the help of this resource, they managed to create more than 350,000 pairs.
Project features:
— Selfie verification via SMS confirmation and location verification.
— The ability to filter users by ethnicity, belonging to a certain trend in Islam, the frequency of prayers, etc.
Link to the project —
iOS App —
Android App —

41) Salams
An analogue of Muzz, but with advanced functionality, offering the opportunity to search for Muslim business partners and people who create goods and develop services for Muslims.
Link to the project –
iOS App –
Android App –

42) International Turnkey Systems – ITS
ITS provides advanced technological solutions in the field of Islamic finance for financial institutions, government agencies and private sector organizations.
Link to the project –

43) OneAgrix
A global digital ecosystem with integrated solutions in the field of intelligent digital technologies. The platform uses blockchain, through which suppliers and buyers of halal products can track every stage in the supply chain.
Project website –

44) DagangHalal
The largest B2B marketplace of halal products, operating since 2008. The project has extensive commercial networks and partnerships with Halal certification bodies, food and beverage exhibition organizers, government agencies and Muslim organizations around the world.
Link to the project –
Android App –
iOS App – ?ls=1

A marketplace for Muslims that includes a messenger for communication. Allows you to place your products and sell them all over the world. Additional functionality of the service includes a compass heading to Mecca, a description of Muslim names and a calendar of Muslim events in the selected region.
Link to the project –

46) FNB Islamic Banking
A project of an Islamic electronic financial platform designed to manage finances on business accounts. Provides an easy-to-use accounting solution for automatic settlement.
Link to the project –

47) Ocean Protocol
An Ethereum-based project that facilitates data exchange between companies and individuals. Buyers can activate the system’s datatokens and access the data. Data providers can share their data and receive OCEAN tokens in return.
The OCEAN token is a coin that can be used to trade data, as well as to participate in the platform management protocol. All purchases and sales of the token are carried out on the specialized Ocean Market platform.
Link to the project –

48) Theta
A decentralized project based on its own blockchain, designed to work in the streaming video industry. The project encourages content creators to share their videos and content on video platforms. The platform supports a pool of micropayments using a pay-per-byte mechanism. It works on the basis of smart contracts.
Link to the project –

49) Flux
A platform for developing Web 3.0 applications based on its own Flux operating system. It works in the cloud and provides developers with more computing power due to a large number of servers.
The link is not a project —

50) Livepeer
A decentralized blockchain network for publishing and working with streaming video. Provides a fast, secure and cost-effective way to organize streaming. It has its own token – LPT.
The link is not a project –

51) Filecoin
A decentralized data storage network that functions as a secure alternative to centralized cloud storage. Offers users a source of passive earnings. It positions itself as the most secure platform for storing confidential information.
Link to the project –

52) FightOut
A project that motivates users to exercise and improve their fitness level using cryptocurrencies and NFT as a reward. Provides participants with access to specialized resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Has its own FGHT token.
Link to the project –

53) Cashaa
Blockchain is a project that combines the functionality of a banking and investment platform. It offers several services, such as the creation of crypto wallets, the exchange of tokens, loans based on cryptocurrencies and term deposits. Issues crypto loans at 0% per annum and the ability to withdraw your tokens at any time. Its own CAS token allows owners to use it to reduce rates and transaction fees, gives the opportunity to receive a 50% discount on interest on a crypto loan, and so on.
Link to the project –

54) Storj DCS
Another decentralized data warehouse that uses its own solution for organizing the security and reliability of data storage. Splits the file into eighty separate parts, distributing them across a global network of storage nodes. The platform’s own ERC-20 token is used to reward users. Upon registration, it gives 150 GB of free cloud storage.
Link to the project –

55) Secretum
An application based on Solana Blockchain that provides functionality for transmitting encrypted messages, calls and video calls, as well as cryptocurrency and NFT trading opportunities.
Link to the project –

56) Audius
A blockchain-based digital streaming service that gives musicians more control over how their music is sold and helps them interact with their fans. The service is decentralized and managed by a community of developers and the most active participants. Has its own AUDIO token.
Link to the project –
iOS App –
Android App –

57) BitTorrent Chain
BitTorrent Chain is a blockchain network used for storing and exchanging large files and data within a peer-to-peer (P2P) work model. It has its own BTTC token, which can be used to increase bandwidth, as well as to pay for faster downloads.
Link to the project –

58) Bondex
Web 3.0 is an application in which users can reward each other with digital tokens themselves. The project is actively developing and has a lot of positive feedback.
Link to the project –
iOS App –
Android App –

59) ySign
The application is an analogue of WhatsApp or Telegram, based on the blockchain. Does not require any personal information: users register using only a username and password. Ensures high confidentiality and security of the registered user and all his data. Link to the project –

60) Sapien
A decentralized social news site running on the Ethereum blockchain. The Sapien platform provides users with the tools they need to quickly create and launch their own applications. Allows you to make crypto transactions.
Link to the project –

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