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Islamic Coin: how not to make a mistake buying coins

There are a huge number of different coins and tokens on the cryptocurrency market. Many of them have similar names, therefore even experienced users often get lost in such a variety and often acquire something completely different from what they wanted. In this article we will tell you in detail how not to make a mistake when buying Islamic Coin.

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1. Here are the official IslamicCoin resources and data:

Ticker (short name of the coin in the blockchain): ISLM

Official website:

White Paper of the project:

The fatwa of the project:

2. How to buy IslamicCoin

Currently, it is possible to purchase IslamicCoin only by contacting legal brokers who sell the project’s cryptocurrency.

You can contact them in the following Telegram channels:

Halal crypto chat en

ISLM private sale broker | Islamic Coin

3. Projects which are NOT IslamicCoin

Any projects that have other official resources and names described above are not IslamicCoin.

Crypto mistakes to avoid

As the name and ticker indicate, this is a completely different cryptocurrency that has nothing similar with Islamic Coin.

Crypto mistakes to avoid

The price of this coin is constantly falling, which indicates low demand and a small trading volume.

Crypto mistakes to avoid

We once again urge you to be careful and cautious when buying cryptocurrencies and investing.

Islamic Coin is the most promising and reliable digital financial instrument for the Islamic community.

Already at the stage of closed sales, Islamic Coin aroused huge investor interest and was able to attract more than $ 200 million in just a few weeks. IslamicCoin uses the full power of the most progressive blockchain technologies and is based on the most fair and reliable ideology and rules of conduct.

Early investors of the presale have already made 5x safely!!!

At the first stage, the coin was sold for 10 cents, at the second for 25, now for 50 cents!!! At the end of autumn, IslamicCoin (IS LM) listings are expected on the Huobi, Blank and

Crypto mistakes to avoid

Did you not have time to enter the Genesis ICO of the ETH (Ethereum) cryptocurrency? Here’s a second chance for you – investing in private sale IslamicCoin (ISLM)!

The potential grow in the exchange rate for Islamic Coin is 1,600,000 percent!!! Why ISLM (IslamicCoin) will bypass the capitalization and growth of the exchange rate of Ethereum – read in this article.

Do you want to buy ISLM?

Contact our Halal Cryptocat admin and don’t miss the best cryptocurrency investment of your life! And be sure to join our Telegram community. We will tell you how not to make a mistake and make a truly profitable investment.

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