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HAQQ TipBot: A New Way to Express Gratitude in Our Telegram Chat

We’re thrilled to announce an important update in our Telegram chat! Meet HAQQ TipBot – an innovative tool to pay crypto tips with ISLM coins that allows each of us to directly thank the administration and other chat participants by sending ISLM coins. Remember, in Islam, gratitude plays a key role, it unites us and strengthens mutual trust.

So, how to use this new tool to pay crypto tips or to thank anyone?

First, follow this link: and press “Start”. This will activate your bot.

Pay crypto tips with a new tool HAQQ TipBot

Next, press “Deposit” and the bot will provide you with an address to send ISLM coins and top up your balance.

Pay crypto tips with a new tool HAQQ TipBot

To check your current balance, simply press “Balance” – the bot will immediately tell you how much you have in your account.

If you want to express your gratitude to someone, simply use one of the following commands: /tqvm, /grant, /gift, /zakat, /tip, /donate, /tq, /thanks, /shukran, /merci, /shukran_habibi, /tesekkur_ederim, /spaseebo, /sps, /terima_kasih.

After the command, specify the recipient’s nickname and the number of coins you want to send. For example: /thanks @Yasin_ISLM_Amir 1 ISLM.

Pay crypto tips with a new tool HAQQ TipBot

After you have taken these steps, the specified number of coins will be immediately sent to the recipient. It’s a simple and fast way to show your appreciation or support to other members of our community.

To withdraw funds, write “/withdraw”, specifying the number of coins and your wallet address. Here’s an example: /withdraw 2.1171 ISLM 0x0ddfCf66f7b36648B0D47bF7E770b3d377155c45.

Pay crypto tips with a new tool HAQQ TipBot

Remember, HAQQ TipBot is not just a tool, it’s an opportunity to express your gratitude and strengthen ties within our community. Your signs of gratitude, expressed through HAQQ TipBot, will help us continue the important Islamic tradition of gratitude.

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  • Kayongo joel
    Posted 12.01.2024 at 23:05

    Please help the kids of orphan in need of good health and rent food please help them

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