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HAQQ.COMMUNITY AMA with Paradise Capital

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Dear HAQQ.COMMUNITY!

We are steadily staring to discover, what really HCC token means and what the haqq all the project is all about! Recently we have helded a brilliant AMA session with our dear friends, brothers and partners from PARADISE Capital on telegram. Here are the core highlights of that AMA being done, Inshallah many  of the questions and answers will get to better understanding of what our project really means and what we are doing.

What is the primary goal of the crypto project?
To build responsible, ethical, mindfulness project, which will be useful for the humanity. The 99.999% of all crypto and blockchain and crypto projects are merely useless – technological fetish, used just for the sake of its own: we put the blockchain to the blockchain, so you can blockchain while you blockchain…Generation of crypto degens cant solve any problems, since they never ever had them in their lives. So they are playing more faster, gas cheaper and more atomic blockchains, without any sense and real life applications. We are building socially responsible project, which will solve real world problems: 1. Mitigating climate changes 2. Bringing computational capacities to useful utility functions, such as medicine discovery 3. Charity functionality 4. Money transfers for the unbanked 5. Crowdfunding for good ethical useful real life projects.

How does plan to differentiate itself from other crypto projects in the market?
Guess the major part of it is covered in the highlights above. Also we are working on meaningful and mindful tokenomics model, with no premine of coins like in the majority of crypto projects and with reasonable total possible supply, regulated by demand and supply mechanisms, but not just abstract figures. Consciousness token minting so to say…the problem with all crypto projects is the huge supply of coins, which are in fact not really used in circulation. This leads to the bubbles in the evaluation of the crypto projects. Their capitalization in terms of figures on the cmc, coin gecko and other listings is just useless figure saying nothing about the real value. And this value is in fact 100k X lower. All volumes are fake and are artificially figured out by the market makers. Crypto now is the zero sum game, where wealth is redistributed from less active, aggressive and informed players to insiders. Interesting to build self sustainable project with real cash flow and use cases.

What is the technology behind and how does it work?
We are building hybrid blockchain, which will use both POW and POS algos. Initial distribution of coins will be done via democratic mining, accessible by all people, not only by big whales. Actually each person is the peer! This coincides fully with the ideas by Satoshi Nakamoto in his initial whitepaper. Truly decentralized mining, without oligopolistic elements, like it turned out to be in the case of all modern crypto. Mining will be useful, but not just hashes calculation. Computation power will be granted to useful projects, associated with pharmacy discovery and climate change mitigation. Some part will go for charity. Now we are choosing the major way and direction between launching our own L1 solution or launching L2 on the top of some popular useful blockchain + POW mining.

What are the key features and benefits of the platform?
It is going to be truly decentralized and democratic blockchain platform for all! The blockchain for the people! No concetration of coin distribution of voting power in the hands of one single limited group of people. Mathematics and tokenomics, laying behind the platform will correspond the ideas of Nicola Tesla, Fibonacchi and sacral geometry, thus including in itself all the rhythms and features of the general equilibrium Universe principles and harmony.

How does plan to address security and privacy concerns for its users?
Indeed, security and privacy in blockchain and crypto is very serious issue. There is just an illusion of privacy and security in fact. All blockchain entusiasts and users are just cheated by the global marketing machine, telling that blockchain is private and secure system. All operations as we see and know are transparent, funds can be blocked, all transactions can be easily tracked! This is not what Satoshi Nakamoto was supposing to implement at all. We have technology of stealth transactions, as well as post quantum electronic data signature, which will be implemented in our platform. At the moment all cryptos have risks of quantum computing attack.

What is the roadmap for’s development and implementation?
We have already MVP of non custody SuperApp with over 5k organic downloads, as well as DEX crypto exchange MVP and crowdfunding platform. Also have solution for voluntary carbon offsetting, tokenization and trading. Now working on the detailed white paper, tokenomics and technical paper. This SuperApp is called Futura SuperApp and can be downloaded for Android.

How does plan to engage and grow its community of users and supporters?
Bringing valuable real life applications to the ecosystem. Not just more protocols of the protocols and blockchains of the blockchains, but only those projects which have real implementation, business model and cash flow. This would be users’ incentivized DAO, where all participants do bring value.

What are the potential risks and challenges that may face in the future?
Future is uncertain from the point of view of us, mortal human beings, but is made out of steps we do right here and right now. It is useless and dangerous thing to make any future predictions. It is better just to make steps and actions which are consistent with our goals achievements. Future belong to Allah and we all here are just occasional guests and our lives do belong to Allah. Allah knows better. That is why there are no risks, will be guided to the best outcomes we deserve.

How will handle regulatory compliance and legal considerations?
Since the main coin of the project will be minable and then tradable, and the POS coin will be only for transactional purposes and transactional layer, there will be minimum regulatory risks, since POW coins are the only ones which regulator is not anxious about.

What are the long-term plans and vision for’s impact on the crypto industry?
Hoping to build really meaningful project, which will bring the real value to the market. Not pump and dump coin, not useless meme, but ethical crypto with real value and carbon neutral technology. Also we are building digital platform of tokenization of Islamic culture and art heritage and will back those items on the top of halal Shariah compliant blockchain.

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