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Halal Crypto Community on a cryptocurrencies and blockchain seminar in Tashkent  

On August 26th, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tashkent, a seminar was held where representatives of the Halal Crypto Community and digital finance enthusiasts gathered. Those who have made IslamicCoin (ISLM) and HCC the cornerstone for constructing a sustainable financial world based on HAQQ blockchain attended the event.

The Halal Crypto Community is the largest gathering of IslamicCoin (ISLM) enthusiasts. The community has swelled to more than 300,000 subscribers across social media and messaging platforms, hailing from 15 different countries.

halalcryptocommunity (HCC) showcased and offered a variety of unique products and services based on the HAQQ blockchain:

— Futura SuperApp: An application designed for dealing with digital finance.

— Halal Crypto Messenger: A messaging platform tailored for the community.

— Halal Crypto Exchange: A trading platform for halal digital currencies.

— Halal Marketplace: An online platform for buying and selling goods within the halal guidelines.

— Solutions for the management of carbon emissions, complete with blockchain-based rewards.

— Crypto terminals for purchasing and exchanging digital currencies.

— A Halal platform specifically designed for working with NFT assets.

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