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Halal Community Token (HCC) is available in the Futura Super App

Dear friends, respected members of our community! We are pleased to inform you that the HCC token is now available in the Futura mobile application. This token will become a settlement asset for digital transactions on a halal decentralized exchange which we develop now. The HCC token is a universal tool and asset allowing you to pay for services within the Futura ecosystem.

Futura fintech ecosystem provides services and applications for the new digital era. Make payments using the most popular cryptocurrencies including Islamic Coin (ISLM), create your NFTs, make transfers and other digital transactions.

Futura Super App is available in Google Play and we invite to join the closed beta test. Find out more how to mint your NFTs in HAQQ blockchain how to mint your NFTs in HAQQ blockchain within the Futura Super App.

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