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Congratulations to the people of Kazakhstan on Independence Day

Today, the main holiday – Independence Day – is celebrated by the people of Kazakhstan, a country that is a real pearl of Central Asia. On this big state holiday, we congratulate all residents of Kazakhstan, wish the country prosperity and well-being to the entire Kazakh people! Peaceful people deserve a clear sky over their heads and a bright sun! Independence Day symbolizes the freedom of Kazakhs. Let this holiday unite the people and make them a big friendly family, confidently going to a bright future!

Kazakhstan is one of the countries where the latest digital technologies are used in various spheres of life and we are confident that the halal blockchain HAQQ and IslamicCoin will take a worthy place in Kazakhstan and will help in the implementation of the following projects:

– building a halal crypto exchange

– building OTC exchangers

NFT platform for tokenization of cultural heritage objects

halal crowdfunding platform

integration of the HAQQ blockchain into Islamic Financial Companies

a platform for tokenization and trading of carbon footprint tokens

Alga Kazakhstan! Alga haqq!

Welcome to our Telegram resources for users from Kazakhstan:

Telegram chat Telegram channel

Independence Day in Kazakhstan

Download our special holiday stickers for Telegram and WhatsApp.

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