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Cold storage of mnemonic phrases

640.00 $

A set for storing a backup copy of a mnemonic phrase of a cryptocurrency wallet consists of the following components:
1. Coin with upper and lower screw rings;
2. A complete set of words in the BIP39 format with the list of English phrases;
3. Two special tools for unscrewing rings and placing phrases.

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Every owner of cryptocurrencies knows that reliable storage of the data is absolutely necessary to access digital wallet guarantees freedom from a painful headaches. Stories about the lost passwords are scary but after reading our review of a cold wallet for storing mnemonic phrases you will get rid of this phobia.
Bitcoin software wallet backup is designed to store a backup copy of a mnemonic phrase that allows you to restore access to the wallet in case of its loss or theft. The reliability and thoroughness with which the creators approached the issue of saving important data is felt immediately after unpacking the box.
The stainless steel body of the device is not afraid of water, chemical and physical influences and also withstands heating up to 1400° C. You can hold a coin in your hands and, to be honest, owning such an object creates a special feeling of owning something truly valuable and unique. This is a kind of artwork which is also has a considerable practical value.


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