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White Cotton Kufi Skull Cap Hand-Crocheted 100% Comfortable Fit for Salah

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High quality 100% cotton hand-crocheted white kufi skull cap. Soft comfortable closed-knit kufi cap made up of multiple interwoven threads crocheted together to perfection. Crafted by Muslims on a small cottage industry scale. Most of our hand-crocheted kufis caps come from the mountainous region of the Java, Indonesia. We offer this kufi cap in wide range of sizes from XS to 3XL. The thickness of this kufi cap is about 3-4 mms. Limited quantities are available since these kufi caps are handmade. We also offer this kufi cap in many other colors.
Kufi is a traditional African name for the Muslim hat or cap, which originally comes from the word for “crown.” However, Americans often use the word “kufi” more loosely to describe the hats worn by Muslims. In other parts of the world, this kufi cap is known as taqiyah or araqiyeh in Arabic, takke in Turkish, topi in Urdu and peci or kopiah in Indonesian and Malay.
Although this kufi cap is machine washable, we recommend washing them by hand with a small amount of gentle soap. Soak them in the soapy water for a few hours or overnight then rinse and hang to dry.


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